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As one would expect in a modern, health-conscious city like Bangkok, personal trainers can be found in nearly every gym and fitness centre, and the standard of professionalism is generally very high. Many gyms such as Fitness First and True Fitness offer sessions with personal trainers in their facilities, and there are also independent Bangkok personal trainers who are willing to train students in a gym or fitness centre of their choosing, or even in their own home.


Many personal trainers in Bangkok hold internationally-recognised qualifications, and are able to train students in a variety of different disciplines, such as Muay Thai, Wing Chun (Chinese kung fu) and weight training, and even specialized forms of workout like prenatal strength training.


The advantages of private training are numerous, and for those who are just starting out on their first training program, the aid of a Bangkok personal trainer can avoid common problems. For example, when exercising on their own in a gym, many individuals find that they are unable to reap the maximum benefit from their time spent training because they don’t fully understand how to use the equipment effectively. In addition to this, misusing gym equipment can sometimes be very dangerous; one risks serious injury if unfamiliar with some of the apparatus. Typically, problems arise when novice gym-goers attempt to lift far more weight than they are safely capable of, and this coupled with poor technique often results in potentially life-long injuries to the knees, lower back and other vulnerable joints. A Bangkok personal trainer will ensure not only that equipment is being used safely and efficiently, but will also work closely with clients to develop a training regime tailored to their current personal level of fitness, and based around their work timetable and fitness goals.


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