Without a positive attitude, training programs are doomed before they have even begun. Most people start a new regime with the best of intentions, but all too often, after a few weeks of training, standards start to slip, and bad old habits start to creep back in.


Many people find it very hard to be strict with themselves when it comes to vital aspects of successful training like diet and the frequency and length of workouts. As with all tasks that one undertakes in life, personal discipline is key to success.


It is important when designing a training plan that one sets achievable goals, to be accomplished within an appropriate time frame. Deciding on day one of a new training program that the intention is to pack on ten kilograms of hard muscle within two months of starting weight lifting is very unlikely to happen and is to set oneself up for failure. By devising a clear, realistic plan (either using an online workout planner or with the aid of a personal trainer), and then adhering to it closely, the chances of success are high.


If someone finds themselves lacking in motivation, there are many mood-boosting foods that they can consume to improve their mental well-being and hopefully therefore their ability to train consistently. Yogurt, honey, tomatoes and dark chocolate are just a few examples of food items that contain mood-improving chemicals. Remember, though: everything in moderation!


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